Remote Access


Access the IMATH terminal server by your notebook, from at home, on a conference, etc.

  • Option 1: Connect via native client (recommended, for the best user experience):
    • Download and install for: Linux, Windows & Mac
    • Server address: tl.math.uzh.ch (the second character is a lowercase 'L')
    • Transfer files: Before logging in map your local drives in the options menu to ~/thindrives.
    • Disconnect (close window) the session by pressing 'F8 > Disconnect'. It isn't necessary to logout.
    • Change the screen size by pressing 'F8 > Full screen'.
  • Option 2: Connect via Browser (best for tablets, mobile devices. No sound, no local drives).

Check the Wiki for latest informations, tipps and tricks.

Access Files

Linux: Use the Filemanager as a graphical SFTP Client. Open the 'Location Bar' by pressing Ctrl-L. Type as File/URL:

to access your files on our SFTP server. Replace 'ssh.math.uzh.ch' with any other remote SSH server which supports SFTP.

Windows: Download an SSH (Putty, WinSCP) or an (S)FTP (FileZilla) Client.

Mac OS X: Download free FileZilla or commercial Cyberduck. In all cases use ssh.math.uzh.ch as the remote server name and your I-MATH  account.