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What are module exams? How are they carried out?

A module exam is a written or oral exam on the subject matter of a module. Module exams are graded on the usual scale of 1 to 6 (half marks are acceptable). If the grade is 4 or better, the ECTS credits for the module in question will be awarded; if they are worse, the ECTS credits wont be awarded. The grades of the module exams are taken into account with a weighting corresponding to the number of ECTS credits in determining the grades in your Bachelor's or Master's Diploma certificate.

Do I have to register for the individual module exams? Can I unsubscribe?

By enrolling for a module, you are automatically logged on to the relevant module exams. However, you can unsubscribe from the module and the exam without giving reasons until the cancellation deadline.

Will I receive an invitation for each module exam?

Not necessarily. You will not receive an invitation to the written module exams. You can take the date, time and place of the exam from the course catalog and enter it into your agenda on your own responsibility. For the oral module examinations, the person responsible for the module is in charge for the determination of the time and place of examination as well as the notification (at the latest three weeks before the examination day) to the candidates.

When do the module exams take place?

The first examinations  of lectures in mathematics of the autumn semester take place in the calendar weeks 2 to 6 

The first examinations  of lectures in mathematics of the spring semester take place during the weeks of weeks 22 to 28.

The repetition tests are not bound to any examination periods. They usually take place in calendar weeks 35 to 37.

How and when do I get the results of the module exams?

After each examination period, the results are validated by the study commission. However, you can preview the results in your personal account subject to validation.

What about the repetition possibilities?

Failed module exams can be repeated once (and only once) for each module. If a compulsory module is not passed after the permissible repetition, the studies can not be continued in those main subjects for which this module is compulsory. If an core elective or elective module is not passed after the permissible repetition, it can be substituted by another module once.

Furthermore, there is the unique possibility of a second repetition of a compulsory module in the bachelor's program (Joker), as described in §9 of the program regulation of the MNF.

If you have not passed a module examination, you will receive the invitation to the repetition with the examination certificate. You have the right to unsubscribe up to 10 days before the relevant repetition check, but then you have to repeat the module and you can only take the exam once more.

What happens if I stay away from an exam or a repetition test? What do I have to do in this case?

If you stay away from a module exam, you automatically fail the exam. The faculty may grant exemptions if there are good causes or a medical certificate. In such cases you must submit a written application with the necessary documents or certificates to the Dean of Studies no later than five days after the examination date.

When the faculty approves the application, it also determines when to take the failed module exam. Usually, this will be the repetition date for the affected module exam.