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How are the credentials for the modules for which no module examinations are planned?

In this case, the module managers are responsible for the modalities. These are given in the course catalog. Also in these cases the achievements can be graded.

If, for health or other important reasons, you are prevented from attending such a record, you must immediately report to the person responsible for the module who is responsible for making sure that the proof of performance can be made.

If the proof of performance for a module is not provided, the regulations for repetition tests shall be applied analogously.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will have the opportunity to catch up. Depending on the type of proof of performance, this may mean that you have to repeat the module. If you do not meet the conditions, you can replace the module with another one.

What about the bachelor thesis and the master thesis?

The submission of a bachelor portfolio in the amount of 6 ECTS credits is part of the compulsory program of the bachelor program. It consists of participation in two mathematics seminars. Each of the seminars will conclude with a seminar presentation and a written report. The two written reports form the Bachelor's portfolio. The Bachelor's portfolio is assessed as passed / failed.

The master thesis will be completed in about 9 months. It consists of an in-depth scientific research, the results of which will be used to produce a written report. The result is presented as part of the cross-subject Master's examination. The Master's thesis and the Master's examinatio n are graded.

One-time repetition (with a new subject) is possible. Approved languages are German and English, with the consent of the person in charge also French or Italian.

What is the cross-topic master exam?

To obtain the master's degree, the interdisciplinary master's examination must be passed. This exam will review your proficiency in the subject. The enrollment and examination regulations apply mutatis mutandis to this examination. The exam date is agreed directly with the person responsible for the module. A deregistration is possible up to ten days before the examination date directly at the responsible person. One-time repetition is allowed.

Do I automatically receive the bachelor's degree and the master's degree if I have fulfilled all the conditions?

No. The award of the diploma for these grades is not automatically based on the credits acquired. Rather, you must submit an application to the Dean's office. If all conditions are met, the faculty will award you the corresponding title, provided that the application has been submitted at least three weeks before the study commission meeting, otherwise at the following.

What does my diploma certificate look like?

It is written in German and English. It also contains a grade calculated from the grades obtained during the course of study according to the study regulations. Separate grades are given for the major and minor subjects. The diploma will be accompanied by a list of completed modules with their credits, as well as the "Diploma Supplement", which contains general information about the programs in Switzerland and especially at the University of Zurich.

Can I change university every semester?

Yes. The ECTS credits are generally counted at each university, provided that it also applies the ECTS credit point system. However, the target university is entitled to issue certain regulations for the study program if the degree program differs substantially from that of the University of Zurich. However, if you wish to obtain a Bachelor's degree from MNF, you must have obtained at least 90 out of the 180 required ECTS credits from the University of Zurich MNF, but the faculty may grant exceptions upon request.

How do I reconcile study and military service?

The dates of the module exams overlap with the recruiting schools and other military training services. It is therefore recommended to complete these services before the start of the study. If you need to complete training services during your studies, you should contact the Student Advisory Service of your subject and discuss the planning of your studies. However, absenteeism due to military service can under no circumstances lead to relief of the conditions for the performance records.