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Spring 20

ODEs and transport equations with rough coefficients

Speaker: Camillo De Lellis

Zoom Video Conference


Online lecture. Dates see below.


Online lecture on the following dates: Time: 15-17h
12.05.2020 Password: 9i.+2@%^  Recording  PDF
13.05.2020 Part I Recording  PDF
13.05.2020 Part II Password: 1F+1?F=V  Recording  PDF
14.05.2020 Password: 0M+=^D6m  Recording  PDF
15.05.2020 Password: 4U$B90+d  Recording  PDF
20.05.2020 Password: 0t+#Iv!5  Recording  PDF
22.05.2020 Password: 5A=^j1$@  Recording  PDF
25.05.2020 Password: 3B#.851$  Recording  PDF
26.05.2020 Password: 4g^YeW%=  Recording  PDF
27.05.2020 Password: 9H?#*@4D  Recording  PDF
28.05.2020 Password: 5S+^*ZG+  Recording  PDF
09.06.2000 Additional hour on open problems Password: 7I^!6gy^  Recording


Module: 11.05.2020-15.05.2020, Room: Online, Type: n.n.
block course

Module: MAT357 ODEs and transport equations with rough coefficients