The conference aims to expose some of the relatively recent important ideas in various but related parts of dynamics and ergodic theory.

We hope to bring together a large number of researchers (including junior members) in a nice atmosphere and foster exchange of ideas and interaction among different areas of dynamics.


  • Aaron Brown
  • Karen Butt
  • Dmitry Dolgopyat
  • Romain Dujardin
  • De-Jun Feng
  • Nikos Frantzikinakis
  • Federico Rodriguez Hertz
  • Mike Hochman
  • Victor Kleptsyn
  • Bryna Kra
  • Thibault Lefeuvre
  • Jialun Li
  • Jens Marklof
  • Amir Mohammadi
  • Joel Moreira
  • Hee Oh
  • Jean-François Quint
  • Zhiren Wang
  • Barak Weiss
  • Zhiyuan Zhang
  • + Elon Lindenstrauss (Colloquium during Zurich Dynamics School 09/06/2023).



University of Zurich,  Rämistrasse 71 (Center campus = Zentrum), at room KOL-F-121  (F indicates the floor (e.g. floor A, floor B, etc.), 121 is the room number on the F floor).

Note: This is not Irchel campus where UZH Mathematics Department is.


Artur Avila, Manfred Einsiedler and Cagri Sert

Zurich Dynamics School

Preparatory school for doctoral students and postdocs before Zurich Dynamics Conference.

Dates: 8 - 10 June
Location: UZH Main Building (Zentrum), KOL-G-217