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eggCounts is a “R” package developed to analyze faecal egg count reduction using Bayesian hierarhical models. The package consists of a suite of Bayesian hierarchical models dealing with faecal egg count reduction data. The models are tailored for a variety of practical situations, including individual treatment efficacy, zero inflation, small sample size (less than 10) and potential outliers.

The functions are intuitive to use and their output are easy to interpret, such that users are protected from being exposed to complex Bayesian hierarchical modelling tasks. In addition, the package includes plotting functions to display data and results in a visually appealing manner.

Getting Started

  • To use eggCounts, please follow instructions below:

  • eggCounts can be used either with R scripts or in web application. However, the web application provides limited functionalities.

  • Solutions to common installation and analysis questions can be found in our FAQ

  • Please report any issues you may encounter to the package maintainer Craig Wang.

What’s New

eggCounts is currenlty developed and maintained by Craig Wang and Prof. Reinhard Furrer from Applied Statistics Group at University of Zurich, in collaboration with Prof. Paul Torgerson from Section of Epidemiology, Vetsuisse Faculty at University of Zurich.