Institute of Mathematics



Subjects offered this semester

The degree course is made up of modules. These are courses on one or more related themes, which last for either one or two semesters. Each module comes equipped with certain goals, which must be attained, if the module is to be successfully completed. There are credit points for successfully completed modules, whose number reflects the effort involved. The effort is made up of preparation time, presence time and the time needed to revise the material.

Guidelines for credit points:

  • 1 credit point corresponds to 30 hours of work
  • The recommended number of credit points per semester for a full-time student is 30
  • The Bachelors course requires 180 credit points
  • The Masters course requires 90 credit points

Modules are divided into

  • Compulsory modules: compulsory for all students
  • Semi-compulsory modules, to be chosen from a prescribed group of modules
  • Optional modules, to be freely chosen from the modules offered by a subject or group of subjects

Module Booking

Modules must be booked every semester. The registration deadlines are published in the course catalogue.