Institute of Mathematics


Third Workshop on "Coding and Systems"


Organized by: J. Rosenthal

Friday, 08.12.06
Time SpeakerTitlePlace
10:00-10:30Ralph August
On equivalence of convolutional codesY36M24
10:30-11:00Gert Schneider
Topics in the Weight Enumeration of Convolutional CodeY36M24
11:15-11:45Michele Elia
(Politecnico di Torino)
Codes, Lattices, and Cyclotomic fieldsY36M24
11:45-12:15Felice Manganiello
(Clemson University)
List decoding of CRT codesY36M24
14:00-14:30Jan Willem Polderman
Behaviors over finite ringsY36M24
14:30-15:00Carmen Perea
Linear System Modelization of GSM Digital Mobile SystemY36M24
15:00-15:50Ulrich Oberst
Multidimensional Hurwitz polynomials and BIBO stability of continuous systemsY36M24
16:15-16:45Lorenz Minder
(University of California, Berkeley)
Breaking the Sidelnikov cryptosystemY36M24
16:45-17:15Eimear Byrne
(UCD Dublin)
The Linear Programming Bound for Codes over RingsY36M24
  • Ariel Amir, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Daniel Augot, INRIA Rocquencourt, France
  • Ralph August, Magdeburg, Germany
  • Eimear Byrne, UCD Dublin, Ireland
  • Josep Climent, Alicante, Spain
  • Michele Elia, Torino, Italy
  • Patrich Fitzpatrick, UCC Cork, Ireland
  • Felix Fontein, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Christina Fragouli, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Paul Fuhrmann, Ben Gurion University, Israel
  • Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Elisa Gorla, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Marcus Greferath, UCD Dublin, Ireland
  • Uwe Helmke, Würzburg, Germany
  • José Ignacio Iglesias Curto, Salamanca, Spain
  • Christine Kelley, Fields Institute Toronto, Canada
  • Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel, ENSTA Paris, France
  • Andrea Loeliger, ETHZ, Switzerland
  • Felice Manganiello, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Martin Michels, Oldenburg, Germany
  • Lorenz Minder, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Gary McGuire, UCD Dublin, Ireland
  • Ulrich Oberst, Innsbruck, Austria
  • Carmen Perea, Alicante, Spain
  • Maria Petkova, Berlin, Germany
  • Raquel Pinto, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Jan Willem Polderman, Twente, The Netherlands
  • Paula Rocha, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Cornelia Roessing, Dublin, Ireland
  • Joachim Rosenthal, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Davide Schipani, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Gert Schneider, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Max Sala, UCC Cork, Ireland
  • Amin Shokrollahi, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Vitru Tomás, Alicante, Spain
  • Fai-Lung Tsang, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Ruediger Urbanke, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Wolfgang Willems, Magdeburg, Germany
  • Eva Zerz, Aachen, Germany
  • Jens Zumbrägel, Zürich, Switzerland