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Prof. Dr. Pierre Dreyfuss, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Nice)
Talk: Schwarz wave form relaxation for primitive equations of the ocean
23.12.10 - 24.12.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Simon Brendle, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University (New York)
Talk: A boundary value problem for minimal Lagrangian graphs
20.12.10 - 22.12.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Carsten Carstensen, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-Universität Berlin (Berlin)
Talk: 10 Remarks on Adaptive Algorithms Towards Nonlinear Phenomena
20.12.10 - 23.12.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Stefan Gille, LMU (München)
Talk: Chow motives and Rost nilpotence
19.12.10 - 21.12.10Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. David Kinderlehrer, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
Talk: The evoluton of cellular systems and entropy
16.12.10 - 16.12.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Axel Klawonn, Universität Duisburg-Essen (Essen)
Talk: Coarse spaces by projection in iterative substructuring methods
16.12.10 - 17.12.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Jörg Jahnel, Universität Siegen (Siegen)
15.12.10 - 17.12.10Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartsch, Universität Giessen (Giessen)
Talk: Bifurcation results for a nonlinear Schrödinger system
09.12.10 - 09.12.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Edriss Titi, University of California Irvine (California)
Talk: On the Question of Global Regularity for Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations and Relevant Geophysical Models
06.12.10 - 08.12.10De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Damien Mégy, (Nizza, F)
Talk: Examples of variation of Hodge structure over compact varieties
05.12.10 - 08.12.10Okonek, Christian
Dr. David Holmes, (Warwick University, Coventry, England)
Talk: Intersection theory in Diophantine geometry
04.12.10 - 07.12.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Ramos, University of Almeria (Almeria, Spain)
Talk: Multicast Distribution of Secrets
02.12.10 - 12.12.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Nicolas Ratazzi, Université Paris-Sud 11 (Paris)
Talk: Torsion in Abelian varieties and Mumford-Tate Conjecture
28.11.10 - 30.11.10Ayoub, Joseph
Dr. Noah Giansiracusa, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
24.11.10 - 29.11.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Pavol Quittner, Comenius University in Bratislava (Bratislava)
Talk: Blow-up rate for the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions
23.11.10 - 26.11.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Simon Wood, Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath (Bath)
23.11.10 - 27.11.10Furrer, Reinhard
Prof. Dr. Michele Elia, Politecnico di Torino (Turin)
22.11.10 - 26.11.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Franco Maddalena, Politecnico di Bari (Bari)
Talk: Mass Transport Minimizing Branched Structures
21.11.10 - 23.11.10De Lellis, Camillo
Venera Khoromskaia, MIS Leipzig (Leipzig)
17.11.10 - 19.11.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Max von Renesse, TU Berlin (Berlin)
Talk: Ergodic properties of stochastic curve shortening flow
17.11.10 - 18.11.10Bolthausen, Erwin
Dr. Marco Baldi, UNIVPM (Ancona)
Talk: Using LDPC codes in the McEliece cryptosystem
15.11.10 - 19.11.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Marco Bianchi, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona)
15.11.10 - 19.11.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Herbert Lange, Uni Erlangen (Erlangen)
Talk: Counter-examples to Prym-Torelli of high Clifford index
15.11.10 - 15.11.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Miles Simon, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Freiburg im Breisgau)
Talk: Expanding solitons with non-negative curvature operator coming out of cones
15.11.10 - 15.11.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Joshua Sussan, University of California Berkeley
Talk: Colored tangle invariants and sl(2) categorification
Talk: Cooper-Krushkal's categorification of the Jones-Wenzl projector
15.11.10 - 20.11.10Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Alain Rouault, LMV UMR, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin (Versailles)
11.11.10 - 14.11.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Francois Charles, Université d'Orsay (Paris)
Talk: The standard conjectures for some holomorphic symplectic varieties
08.11.10 - 09.11.10Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Gary McGuire, UCD Dublin (Ireland)
Talk: Further results on divisibility of Kloosterman Sums over Finite Fields
08.11.10 - 10.11.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Giuseppe Tinaglia, Department of Mathematics, King's College London (London)
04.11.10 - 05.11.10Schroeder, Viktor
Dr. Nina Kirchner, Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Bert Bollin Centre for Climate Research (Stockholm, Sweden)
01.11.10 - 05.11.10Furrer, Reinhard
Dr. Simon Pepin Lehalleur, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
01.11.10 - 12.12.10Ayoub, Joseph
Dr. Hubert Lacoin, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università degli Studi "Roma Tre" (Roma)
Talk: Crossing a repulsive interface: slowing of the dynamic and metastability phenomenon
26.10.10 - 28.10.10Bolthausen, Erwin
Dr. Emmanuel Wagner, University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg)
25.10.10 - 30.10.10Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Willems, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität (Magdeburg)
Talk: Representations in Coding Theory
25.10.10 - 28.10.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Mario Pulvirenti, University La Sapienza (Roma)
Talk: The Cauchy Problem for the 3-D Vlasov-Poisson System with Point Charges
24.10.10 - 26.10.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Martin Rumpf, Universität Bonn (Bonn)
Talk: Natural Time Discretization of Fourth Order Gradient Flows
21.10.10 - 22.10.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Christian Stinner, University of Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern)
Talk: Large time behavior in a quasilinear degenerate diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi equation
21.10.10 - 22.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Pertti Mattila, University of Helsinki, Dept. of Mathematics (Helsinki)
20.10.10 - 21.10.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Michele Elia, Politecnico di Torino (Turin)
18.10.10 - 23.10.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. David Rydh, KTH Stockholm (Stockholm)
Talk: Stacky blow-ups, étalification, and compactification of Deligne--Mumford stacks
18.10.10 - 20.10.10Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Axel Kohnert, Universität Bayreuth (Bayreuth)
Talk: q-analogs of combinatorial designs and network codes
17.10.10 - 21.10.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pöschel, Universtität Stuttgart (Deutschland)
16.10.10 - 19.10.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Sergei Buyalo, Steklov Mathematical Institute (St. Petersburg, Russland)
11.10.10 - 20.11.10Schroeder, Viktor
Dr. Emanuele Spadaro, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig (Leipzig)
11.10.10 - 15.10.10De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Dominik Heinzmann, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
06.10.10 - 06.10.10Barbour, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Judy Walker, University of Nebraska (Lincoln USA)
03.10.10 - 03.10.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Buttazzo, Università di Pisa (Pisa)
Talk: On some problems in spectral optimization
29.09.10 - 01.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Philippe G. Ciarlet, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Talk: Korn's inequalities: Some recent advances
29.09.10 - 01.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Irene Fonseca, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)
Talk: Variational Methods in Materials Science and Image Processing
29.09.10 - 01.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Arnaud Rougirel, Université Poitiers (Poitiers)
Talk: On the Phase Field Crystal Equation
29.09.10 - 02.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Taizo Chiyonobu, Department of Physics, School of Science (Hyogo)
Talk: A limit formula for a class of Gibbs measures with mean field interactions
28.09.10 - 30.03.11Bolthausen, Erwin
Prof. Dr. Nobuyuki Kenmochi, Bukkyo University (Kyoto)
Talk: The future of "Nonlinear Analysis" and its new direction
28.09.10 - 01.10.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Kazuo Habiro, RIMS (Kyoto)
25.09.10 - 08.10.10Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Oliver Röndigs, (Osnabrück)
20.09.10 - 24.09.10Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Iskander Taimanov, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk State University)
Talk: Periodic magnetic geodesics on almost every energy level via variational methods
19.09.10 - 21.09.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Graham Brightwell, Department of Mathematics, London School of Economics (London)
15.09.10 - 20.09.10Barbour, Andrew
Dr. Malwina Luczak, London School of Economics (London)
15.09.10 - 25.09.10Barbour, Andrew
Luca Granieri,
09.09.10 - 31.10.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pöschel, Universtität Stuttgart (Deutschland)
24.08.10 - 29.08.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Nigel Boston, University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA)
21.08.10 - 24.08.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Sakie Suzuki, Kyoto University (Kyoto)
06.08.10 - 20.08.10Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Dario Bambusi, Università degli Studi di Milano (Milano)
26.07.10 - 30.07.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
26.07.10 - 28.07.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Igor E. Shparlinski, Department of Computing, Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)
25.07.10 - 27.07.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Giuseppina Autuori, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona)
Talk: Kirchhoff systems: asymptotic stability, global nonexistence and blow up
22.07.10 - 25.07.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Euisung Park, Korea University at Seoul (Seoul)
20.07.10 - 25.07.10Brodmann, Markus
Luca Granieri,
07.07.10 - 14.07.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Constantinos Kardaras, London School of Economics (London)
06.07.10 - 11.07.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
05.07.10 - 09.07.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. María López Fernández, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" (Roma)
01.07.10 - 16.07.10Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Michele Elia, Politecnico di Torino (Turin)
07.06.10 - 10.06.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Pedro Vaz, IST Lisbon (Lisbon)
07.06.10 - 18.06.10Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Ben Elias, Columbia University (New York)
Talk: Warm-up talk: Diagrammatics, Convolution, and Soergel Bimodules
Talk: Methods of Proof: KLR algebras, Udot, and Cyclotomic quotients
Talk: Webster's algebra and Standardly Stratified Structures
Talk: TBA
06.06.10 - 18.06.10Beliakova, Anna
Prof. Dr. Oana Iosifescu, Université Montpellier (Montpellier)
Talk: A mathematical model for a pseudo-plastic welding joint
02.06.10 - 04.06.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Dzmitry Doryn, Universität Duisburg-Essen (Duisburg-Essen)
31.05.10 - 04.06.10Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Felix Fontein, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
31.05.10 - 06.06.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Jaime Gutierrez, Universidad de Cantabria (Cantabria)
Talk: An algorithm for recovering zeroes of polynomials and predicting non-linear pseudorandom number generators
31.05.10 - 04.06.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Malwina Luczak, London School of Economics (London)
31.05.10 - 05.06.10Barbour, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Thanasis Stylianou, Universität zu Köln (Köln)
Talk: Comparing hinged and supported rectangular plates
31.05.10 - 31.05.10Chipot, Michel
Prof. Dr. Yuri Tschinkel, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (New York)
24.05.10 - 01.06.10Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Timothy Logvinenko, Warwick Mathematics Institute (Warwick)
22.05.10 - 30.05.10Kresch, Andrew
Dr. Emanuele Spadaro, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig (Leipzig)
22.05.10 - 30.05.10De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Lehel Banjai, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: New results on the convergence of Runga-Kutta convolution quadratures
17.05.10 - 21.05.10Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Francesco Russo, Università degli Studi di Catania (Catania)
Talk: On manifolds defined by equations whose degrees are small with respect to codimension
16.05.10 - 18.05.10Brodmann, Markus
Prof. Dr. Andrei Teleman, Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille)
10.05.10 - 14.05.10Okonek, Christian
Dr. Helena Soares, ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Lisbon)
Talk: Cohomological characterisation of vector bundles
07.05.10 - 11.05.10Kresch, Andrew
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hackbusch, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: On miminal subspaces for the representation and approximation of tensors
06.05.10 - 14.05.10Sauter, Stefan
Dr. Sorin Mardare, Université de Rouen (Rouen)
Talk: Stokes flow in long porous cylinders
06.05.10 - 08.05.10Chipot, Michel
Dr. Leonid Bogachev, University of Leeds (Leeds)
03.05.10 - 06.05.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Mishra, ETHZ (Zürich)
Talk: Well-balanced schemes for approximating near equilibrium flows
29.04.10 - 29.04.10Sauter, Stefan
Eric Paturel, Université de Nantes (Nantes)
Talk: Birkhoff normal form for the quantum harmonic oscillator
28.04.10 - 12.05.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Maria Bras-Amoros, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona)
Talk: Numerical Semigroups and Algebraic Codes
27.04.10 - 29.04.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Peter Schenzel, Martin Luther-Universität (Halle)
Talk: On «extremal varieties» and the visualization of real algebraic surfaces
Talk: On «extremal varieties» and the visualization of real algebraic surfaces
25.04.10 - 01.05.10Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Rodney Y. Sharp, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK)
Talk: Some local cohomological reminiscences
25.04.10 - 28.04.10Institut für Mathematik,
Ngo Viet Trung, University of Hanoi (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Talk: Cohen–Macaulayness of powers of Stanley–Reisner ideals
25.04.10 - 27.04.10Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Euisung Park, Korea University at Seoul (Seoul)
Talk: On algebraic characterization of low degree varieties
22.04.10 - 27.04.10Institut für Mathematik,
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Alberti, Università di Pisa (Pisa)
21.04.10 - 26.04.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Philippe Biane, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (Paris)
Talk: Scattering for Fourier transforms, orthogonal polynomials and discrete Painleve equations
19.04.10 - 24.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Hayat Cheballah, Université Paris 13 (Paris)
19.04.10 - 24.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Daniel C. Cohen, Louisiana State University (Louisiana)
19.04.10 - 24.04.10Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Christopher Hughes, University of Bristol (Bristol)
19.04.10 - 22.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Rowan Killip, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) (Los Angeles)
19.04.10 - 22.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Pierre-Loic Méliot, Département de Mathématiques, Université d'Orsay (Orsay)
19.04.10 - 24.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Joan-Josep Climent, University of Alicante (Spain)
Talk: The degree and the support of a Boolean function
18.04.10 - 21.05.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Walter Craig, McMaster University (Hamilton)
Talk: On L2 continuity and the size of the singular set for solutions of the Navier - Stokes equations in 3 dimensions
13.04.10 - 15.04.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Vicente Muñoz, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid)
Talk: Hodge structures of moduli spaces of pairs
12.04.10 - 12.04.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Kazuo Habiro, RIMS (Kyoto)
Talk: Refined Kirby calculus for closed 3-manifolds
Talk: On certain limits of the reduced colored Jones polynomials
11.04.10 - 18.04.10Beliakova, Anna
Dr. Umut Cetin, London School of Economics (London)
06.04.10 - 11.04.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pöschel, Universtität Stuttgart (Deutschland)
05.04.10 - 10.04.10Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Yao Yuan, SISSA (Triest)
Talk: Determinant line bundles on moduli spaces of pure sheaves on surfaces and Strange Duality
29.03.10 - 29.03.10Okonek, Christian
Dr. Matthew Kahle, Stanfrod University (Stanford)
Talk: Topology of random simplicial complexes
24.03.10 - 27.03.10Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Vincent Vargas, Universite Paris Dauphine (Paris)
Talk: Forecasting volatility with the Multifractal Random Walk (MRW) model
24.03.10 - 28.03.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Dr. Domingo Gomez Perez, Universidad de Cantabria (Cantabria)
Talk: Pseudorandom Number Sequences through Polynomials Iterations
23.03.10 - 28.03.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. William K. Allard, (Duke University)
Talk: Total Variation Regularization for Image Denoising
21.03.10 - 26.03.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Berti, SISSA (Trieste)
21.03.10 - 24.03.10Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Simon Pepin Lehalleur, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
20.03.10 - 24.03.10Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Mahadevan Ganesh, Colorado School of Mines (Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Colorado)
Talk: High-order surface integral algorithms for 3D computational electromagnetics
18.03.10 - 18.03.10Sauter, Stefan
Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM (Derio)
Talk: Hardy inequalities and asymptotics for heat kernels
18.03.10 - 19.03.10Chipot, Michel
Dr. Frédéric Déglise, CNRS, Paris 13 (Paris)
16.03.10 - 19.03.10Ayoub, Joseph
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Oberst, (Insbruck)
Talk: The significance of Gabriel localization for stability and stabilization of multidimensional input/output behaviors
16.03.10 - 18.03.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Koichiro Takaoka, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)
14.03.10 - 20.03.10Nikeghbali, Ashkan
Prof. Dr. Luigi Ambrosio, Scuola Normale di Pisa (Italien)
11.03.10 - 11.03.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Rita Fioresi, U. Bologna
Talk: The local functors of points of supermanifolds
08.03.10 - 11.03.10Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Matteo Focardi, Università di Firenze (Florenz)
08.03.10 - 02.04.10De Lellis, Camillo
Prof. Dr. Michal Kapustka, University of Stavanger (Stavanger)
Talk: Mukai varieties and dual K3 surfaces
08.03.10 - 09.03.10Okonek, Christian
Prof. Dr. Rita Fioresi, U. Bologna
Talk: Supergeometry (minicourse)
02.03.10 - 04.03.10Cattaneo, Alberto
Dr. Armindo da Costa, Mathematics Institute, The University of Warwick (Warwick)
Talk: Fundamental groups of random 2-complexes (after Babson, Hoffman, Kahle)
Talk: Fundamental groups of random 2-complexes, after Babson, Hoffman, Kahle
01.03.10 - 31.08.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Bernd Kirchheim, Universitaet Leipzig (Leipzig)
Talk: Rank-one Convexity and Ornstein's L1-Noninequalities
01.03.10 - 30.04.10De Lellis, Camillo
Dr. Brett Parker, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
Talk: Tropical geometry and Gromov Witten invariants
01.03.10 - 02.03.10Okonek, Christian
Dr. Fred Rohrer, Universität Tübingen (Tübingen)
Talk: Promotionskolloquium: Toric Schemes
01.03.10 - 21.07.10Brodmann, Markus
Prof. Dr. Igor E. Shparlinski, Department of Computing, Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)
28.02.10 - 03.02.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Arne Winterhof, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Linz)
25.02.10 - 02.03.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Prof. Dr. Bernardo Uribe Jongbloed, Münster (Münster)
Talk: Orbifold String Topology
22.02.10 - 27.02.10Cattaneo, Alberto
Prof. Dr. Peter Topalov, Northeastern University (Boston)
04.01.10 - 17.01.10Kappeler, Thomas
Sara Diaz, University of Alicante (Alicante)
01.01.10 - 31.07.10Rosenthal, Joachim
Dr. Andreas Henrici,
17.12.09 - 31.01.10Kappeler, Thomas
Prof. Dr. Michael Farber, Universität Zürich (Zürich)
Talk: Introduction to stochastic algebraic topology
01.09.09 - 30.09.10Kappeler, Thomas
Dr. Virtudes Tomás Estevan, University of Alicante (Spain)
Talk: MDP convolutional codes and decoding over an erasure channel
Talk: LDPC Decoding over the Binary Erasure Channel (with Felice Manganiello)
Talk: What is... a convolutional code?
Talk: Complete-MDP Convolutional Codes over the Erasure Channel
01.09.08 - 31.08.10Rosenthal, Joachim