Zurich Summer School 2016
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Outline22-26 August 2016


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Leszek Demkowicz:  Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Methods

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Josselin  Garnier: Passive Imaging with Ambient Noise

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ralf Hiptmair: Trefftz-type Methods for Computational Wave Propagation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Olof Runborg Numerical approximation of high frequency waves cancelled

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Stefan Sauter: hp-Finite Element Methods for highly indefinite Helmholtz problems

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Wieners: A Space-Time Petrov-Galerkin method for linear wave equations

Further readings

Leszek Demkowicz


Josselin Garnier



Ralf Hiptmair

R. Hiptmair, A. Moiola, I. Perugia: Survey of Trefftz Methods for the Helmholtz Equation

SAM Report 2015-20.


 R. Hiptmair, A. Moiola, I. Perugia: Plane Wave Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Exponential Convergence of the hp-Version

Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 16(3), pp. 637–675, 2016.



SAM Report 2013-31


A. Lieu, G. Gabard, H. Beriot: Comparison of high-order polynomial and wave-based methods for Helmholtz problems

Journal of Computational Physics, 321, pp. 105–125, 2016


Stefan Sauter

Christian Wieners