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Modul:   MAT675  PDE and Mathematical Physics

Small scale creation for the 2D Boussinesq Equations

Vortrag von Jaemin Park

Datum: 28.09.23  Zeit: 16.15 - 18.00  Raum: ETH HG G 19.2

In this presentation, we will examine the long-term behaviors of the two- imensional incompressible Boussinesq equations without thermal diffusion. While the Boussinesq equations exhibit energy conservation, the flow's small-scale creation may induce the growth of finer norms in the solutions over time. During this talk, we will construct smooth initial data to demonstrate such norm growth phenomena, both with and without considering kinematic viscosity. Additionally, we will extend our results to provide an example of temperature patch solutions, the curvature and perimeter of which increase as time progresses. This work is a joint work with A. Kiselev and Y. Yao.