Institut für Mathematik


Prof. Dr. Julia Lieb2019 - 2023
Dr. Henry Chimal-Dzul2021 - 2022
Dr. Elif Saçıkara2019 - 2022
Dr. Reto Schnyder2021 - 2022
Dr. Violetta Weger2021
Dr. Davide Schipani2015 - 2019
Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Durgun2016 - 2018
Prof. Dr. Javier de la Cruz2016 - 2017
Prof. Dr. Anna-Lena Horlemann2015
Prof. Dr. Mathilde Bouvel2013 - 2014
Dr. Felix Fontein2011 - 2014
Prof. Dr. Elisa Gorla2004 - 2009
Prof. Dr. Mark Flanagan2008
Dr. Gérard Maze2004 - 2007
Dr. Deepak Sridhara2005 - 2006
PhD Studenten
Silvia Sconza2022 - 2026
Michael Schaller2023 - 2025
Abhinaba Mazumder2023 - 2025
Abigail Sutton2023 - 2024
Beatrice Toesca di Castellazzo2023 - 2024
Niklas Gassner2020 - 2024
Giacomo Borin2023 - 2024
Jessica Bariffi2020 - 2024Analysis and Decoding of Linear Lee-Metric Codes with Application to Code-Based Cryptography (2024)
Maria Zita Fiqueli de Abreu2022 - 2023
Simran Tinani2019 - 2023Algebraic Methods in Asymmetric Cryptography – Algorithms, Constructions, and Attacks (2023)
Dr. Gianira Nicoletta Alfarano2018 - 2022Algebraic, Combinatorial and Geometric Aspects of Some Error-Correcting Codes (2022)
Dr. Karan Khathuria2016 - 2021Algebraic Study of Some Recent Asymmetric Cryptosystems (2020)
Dr. Violetta Weger2017 - 2020Information Set Decoding in the Lee Metric and the Local to Global Principle for Densities (2020)
Prof. Dr. Julia Lieb2016 - 2019
Dr. Alessandro Neri2015 - 2019Algebraic Theory of Rank-Metric Codes: Representations, Invariants and Density Results (2019)
Dr. Tovohery Hajatiana Randrianarisoa2013 - 2018Rank Metric Codes, Codes Using Linear Complexity and Application to Public Key Cryptosystem (2018)
Dr. Reto Schnyder2013 - 2017Shifted Eisenstein Polynomials, Irreducible Compositions of Polynomials and Group Key Exchanges (2017)
Dr. Kyle Marshall2011 - 2016A Study of Cryptographic Systems based on Rank Metric Codes (2016)
Prof. Dr. Giacomo Micheli2012 - 2015Densities over Global Fields, Arithmetic of Subfield Preserving Maps and Applications to Cryptography (2015)
Prof. Dr. Anna-Lena Horlemann2009 - 2013Constructions, Decoding and Automorphisms of Subspace Codes (2013)
Dr. Urs Wagner2008 - 2013Considerations on Computational Lattice Problems  (Advised with G. Maze, 2013)
Dr. Davide Schipani2006 - 2012Efficient Decoding of Cyclic Codes and Applications in Cryptography  (Advised with M. Elia, 2012)
Prof. Dr. Felice Manganiello2006 - 2011Spread Codes and more General Network Codes (2011)
Prof. Dr. Alina Ostafe2007 - 2010Polynomial Dynamics and Pseudorandomness  (Advised with M. Brodmann, 2010)
Dr. Virtudes Tomás Estevan2010 Complete-MDP Convolutional Codes over the Erasure Channel  (Universidad de Alicante, Advised with J. Climent, 2010)
Dr. Felix Fontein2005 - 2008The Infrastructure of a Global Field and Baby Step-Giant Step Algorithms (2008)
Prof. Dr. Jens Zumbrägel2004 - 2008Public-Key Cryptography Based on Simple Semirings (2008)
Prof. Dr. Ryan Hutchinson2004 - 2006Generic Properties of Convolutional Codes  (University of Notre Dame, 2006)
Prof. Dr. Christine Kelley2004 - 2005Pseudocodewords, Expander Graphs and the Algebraic Construction of Low-Density Parity-Check codes  (University of Notre Dame, 2006)
Prof. Dr. Carmelo Interlando2005 Toward a Theory of One-Way Functions via Gate Complexity of Boolean Functions  (University of Notre Dame, 2005)
Prof. Dr. Guangyue Han2004 Space Time Coding with Multiple Antenna Systems  (University of Notre Dame, 2004) PDF
Dr. Gérard Maze2003 Algebraic Methods for Constructing One-Way Trapdoor Functions  (University of Notre Dame, 2003) PDF
Prof. Dr. Chris Monico2002 Semirings and Semigroup Actions in Public-Key Cryptography  (University of Notre Dame, 2002) PDF
Prof. Dr. Roxana Smarandache2001 Maximum Distance Separable Convolutional Codes, Construction and Decoding  (University of Notre Dame, 2001) PDF
Dr. Brian Allen1999 Linear Systems Analysis and Decoding of Convolutional Codes  (University of Notre Dame, 1999) PDF
Prof. Dr. Paul Weiner1998 Multidimensional Convolutional Codes  (University of Notre Dame, 1998) PDF
Dr. Eric York1997 Algebraic Description and Construction of Error Correcting Codes, a Systems Theory Point of View  (University of Notre Dame, 1997) PDF