Institut für Mathematik


Master Theses
Degree dateAuthorTitle
2024Vivien Caroline BammertSecurity of algebraic geometry codes in code-based cryptography PDF
2023Tatjana BossaliniThe ROCA vulnerability: a study on Coppersmith's algorithm and its applications PDF
2023Yves KrähenbühlOverview of classes of MDP convolutional codes and their erasure decoding algorithms PDF
2023Diana RauseoConstructing cryptographic accumulators from key exchange protocols PDF
2023Danai HansmannBounds on the asymptotic rate of block codes PDF
2022Josua RutishauserUnbalanced Oil & Vinegar and Rainbow Signature Scheme
2022Sascha HopplerNexuses of Uniforms: A Family of Uniform Hypergraphs Representing IdealAccess Structures PDF
2022Martin BergaminMatroids and their q-analogues
2022Kilian Fabian WerderConstruction of Rank Metric Convolutional Codes for Random Linear Network Coding PDF
2021Niko Van WykAnalysis of a Code-Based Public Key Cryptosysytem having Quasi-Cyclic Structure
2021Sebastian HeriClassification and construction of self-duale convolutional code PDF
2021Andreia VenzinCastelnuovo-Mumford Regularity and the Complexity of Gröbner Basis Algorithms PDF
2021Katja WarthNicht-Standard Modelle der Peano Arithmetik PDF
2020Sabrina SewerPost-Quantum Cryptosystem FrodoPKE Based on the Learning with Errors Problem
2020Marc NewmanA Study of Mathematical and Practical Aspects of Isogeny-based Diffie-Hellman PDF
2020Noemi ZürcherOn the Intractability of Maximum- Likelihood Decoding for Reed–Solomon Self-Dual Codes PDF
2020Niklas GassnerWeight induced distance functions on Z/P5Z codes PDF
2020Anina GruicaMDP Convolutional Codes over Zpr PDF
2020Jessica BariffiA Finite Geometry Construction for MDPC-Codes PDF
2020Martina MeierSpannbäume in dualen Graphen
2019Raffael SchüürmannGröbner Basis Algorithms and Applications in Multivariate Cryptography PDF
2019Davide WalderOverview of Cube Attacks with Analysis of the Stream Cipher Trivium
2019Katharina MerzPoncelet Polygon Sitting in a Special Projective Pencil Are Affinely Regular
2018Andreas BolfingCryptographic Primitives in Blockchain Technology
2018Nicole RohrerGeneralization of Algorithms for Decoding Random Linear Codes PDF
2018Gideon VilligerA Variation of Steiner's Porism in Finite Miquelian Möbius Planes of Odd Order PDF
2018Pascal ChristinatPseudorandom Number Generator from the Finite Field Isomorphism Problem PDF
2018Alessandro VerzasconiAn Investigation on Roos Bias in RC4 Key Scheduling Algorithm PDF
2017Nicole GubserApplications of Chinese Remainder Codes in Cryptography
2017Violetta WegerA Code-Based Cryptosystem using GRS codes PDF
2017Chiara Agnese SalviniAlgorithmic methods to efficiently solve quadratic equations
2016Amos CattaneoAn Overview of the Discrete Logarithm Problem over Finite Fields
2016Sophie LeuenbergerError-correcting pairs for the McEliece cryptosystem PDF
2016Christoph GascheMinimal unimodular Matrix Decomposition
2015Dominique NegeleAbout Simple Equations in Endomorphism Semirings of a Finite Chain
2015Martin HolzerFinite Chain Rings, Finitely Generated Modules over Finite Chain Rings and Projective Hjelmslev Geometries PDF
2015Michael HartmannThe Ajtai-Dwork Cryptosystem and Other Cryptosystems Based on Lattices PDF
2015Leila MizrahiThoroughly Formalizing an Uncommom Construction of the Real Numbers PDF
2015Benjamin HäniGeschlossene Zyklen von konjugierten Kegelschnitten in der endlichen projektiven Koordinatenebene der Ordnung 3 PDF
2015Edoardo DottiEisenstein Polynomials over Holomorphy Rings PDF
2015Christoph IrnigerGeneral position of lines in projective spaces of low dimensions over a finite field PDF
2015Marko SericComputational Considerations in Network Coding on Plücker Embedded Subspace Codes PDF
2015Isabelle RaemySuperregular Hankel Matrices Over Finite Fields: An Upper Bound of the Matrix Size and a Construction Algorithm PDF
2015Judith KellerBig Intersections in Projective Space PDF
2014Mustafa AylidereFully Homomorphic Encryption
2014Milan MarkovicFaktorization of Natural Numbers Based on Quaternion Algebra Using Lipschitz Integers PDF
2013Helen RiedtmannThe Approximate Common Divisor Problem: Two Algorithmic Solutions PDF
2013Kevin BrandNTRU: A lattice-based Cryptosystem and Attacks against it PDF
2013Regula KrapfA complete proof of incompleteness
2013Rahel SpiessAn overview of Edwards curves over finite fields
2013Amaro Barreal FernandezSpace-Time Code Constructions for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Communication Systems PDF
2012Andrea De GiorgiMcEliece Cryptosystems PDF
2011Ian HersbergerCoppersmith's Algorithm
2011Karin SommerGate Complexity of Boolean Functions
2009Manuel RibicMatusumoto-Imai Tame-Transformation-Method Cryptosystem PDF
2009Vita PasicDistribution of the number of rational points on elliptic curves over finite fields
2009Sandra SteinerA multivariate appraoch to list decoding CRT codes
2009Dominic LooserSome cryptological applications of bit rotations
2008Urs WagnerDetection and Exploitation of Small Correlations in Stream Ciphers PDF
2007Andres Rüdiger GentzenUnderstanding The XTR-System
2007Michele CasartelliSemirings, Factoring and Tropical Algebra
2007Marion WimmerList decoding of Chinese remainder theorem codes
2007Richard KöppelEfficient Tate Pairing Computation on Elliptic or Hyperelliptic Curves
2006Helen StassenThe Semigroup Action Problem for Right Multiplication Groups of Finite Simple Non-Moufang Bol Loops
2006Ariel AmirLDPC Codes over non-binary Alphabets