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Lecture & Seminar

Research seminars
Neuchatel - St.Gallen - Zurich Seminar in Coding Theory and Cryptography
Elisa Gorla, Anna-Lena Horlemann, Joachim Rosenthal


E. Gorla
Symmetric ladders and G-biliaison
to appear in an upcoming volume in honor of Gaeta PDF  

E. De Negri, E. Gorla
G-Biliaison of Ladder Pfaffian Varieties
to appear in J. Algebra PDF  

F. Manganiello, E. Gorla, J. Rosenthal
Spread Codes and Spread Decoding in Network Coding
Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, pages 851--855, Toronto, Canada, 2008. PDF  

E. Gorla
A generalized Gaeta’s Theorem
Compositio Math. 144, no. 3 (2008), 689-704 PDF  

J. Shokrollahi, E. Gorla, Ch. Puttmann
Efficient FPGA-based multipliers for F_3^97 and F_3^6*97
International Conference on Field Programmable Logica and Applications - FPL 2007, IEEE Conference Proceedings, 339-344 PDF  

E. Gorla, Ch. Puttmann, J. Shokrollahi
Explicit formulas for efficient multiplication in F_3^6m
Selected areas in cryptography. Revised selected papers from the 14th International Workshop (SAC 2007) held at University of Ottawa, Canada, August 16-17, 2007, C. Adams, A. Miri, M. Wiener (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4876 Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2007), 173-183 PDF  

E. Gorla
Lifting the determinantal property
Algebra, Geometry and their Interactions, Contemporary Mathematics 448 (2007), 69-89 PDF  

E. Gorla
Mixed ladder determinantal varieties from two-sided ladders
J. Pure and Appl. Algebra 211, no. 2 (2007), 433-444 PDF  

J. Climent, E. Gorla, J. Rosenthal
Cryptanalysis of the CFVZ cryptosystem
Adv. in Math. of Communications 1, no. 1 (2007), 1-11 PDF   Article

E. Gorla
The G-biliaison class of symmetric determinantal schemes
J. Algebra 310, no. 2 (2007), 880-902 PDF  

E. Gorla
The general hyperplane section of a curve
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 358 (2006), no. 2, 819-869 PDF  

E. Gorla
Lifting properties from the general hyperplane section of a projective scheme
Ph.D. thesis PDF  

N. Budur, M. Casanellas, E. Gorla
Hilbert Functions of Irreducible Arithmetically Gorenstein Schemes
J. Algebra 272 (2004), no. 1, 292-310 PDF