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TeX, PDF, Presentation

Layout of PhD Thesis

Please consult the PhD Checklist at the MNF.

LaTeX and the UZH Corparate Design





There are two ways to create PDF files from TeX.

  1. Standard TeX/LaTeX with a Postscript/PDF converter:
    • > latex <file.tex>
    • > dvips -P cmz <file.dvi>
    • > ps2pdf <file.ps>
  2. pdftex/ pdflatex which creates PDF directly (without dvi and ps files):
    • > pdflatex <file.tex>
  3. pdflatex can't include eps-graphics. Convert all eps Files to pdf with the command
    • > epstopdf <file.eps>

HINT: In your TeX-Source specify the filename in the \includegraphics section without extension (.eps, .pdf). In that way, latex and pdflatex decide by their own, which version of graphicfile has to be included.


  • There are several text editors to write TeX documents: emacs, xemacs, nedit, ...
  • The most easiest to use is 'nedit'. Like the emacs, nedit is capable to do syntax highlighting.
  • To compile a tex document, use 'tex' or 'latex' on a 'console' or choose macros in text editor menus.
  • General TeX FAQ (german) on 'dante'.

TeX and 'landscape'

  1. Switch to landscape in your TeX file:
  2. Compile with 'latex' as usual
    latex <file.tex>
  3. If you like to check with 'xdvi':
    xdvi -paper a4
  4. Create Postscript:
    dvips -t landscape <file.dvi>

pdfLaTeX and 'landscape'

To obtain a document in landscape orientation when using pdfLatex, simply add the line


somewhere in the header of your LaTeX file. Invoke pdfLatex as usual and Acrobat Reader will then automatically display your document in landscape orientation.

NOTE: The \usepackage-command is ALL you need for this purpose. In particular, don't use "landscape" as documentclass-option, as it won't work in conjunction with the slides-documentclass.


To automatically include personal TeX style files, set the enviroment variable TEXINPUTS. The best place to do this is your personal ~/.cshrc file. Append:

setenv TEXINPUTS .:<personal styles directory>:

Don't forget the last doublepoint!

TeX & grafic

There are many several ways between (La)TeX and various graphic formats. If you like to create a grafic with a program, 'xfig' is a very good choice. After you draw your grafic, there a several ways to import it in (La)TeX.

Details: http://www.xfig.org/userman/latex_and_xfig.html

LaTeX: split eqnarray over pages







Demonstrate Presentations

Creating Presentations (showing via Beamer)

  • Create Slides with TeX (foiltex style)
  • a) Print on Transparencies.
  • b) Demonstrate as PDF File with Acrobat Reader.
  • Create Powerpoint Presentations
  • a) with Star Office
  • b) with MS-Powerpint

Create Presentations based on LaTeX

If you only use LaTeX with the foiltex style to create PDF Presentations, you are limited to show complete pages at a time (no showing lines step by step). The program PPower4 gives you more flexibilty. Check the Demo. A full description is available in german and in englisch.

Try the example:

% pdflatex ppower4-exm2.tex
% ppower4 ppower4-exm2.pdf out.pdf
% acroread out.pdf

Scientific Word can't import Mathematica EPS Files

Mathematica often creates EPS Files which are not able to import them into SWP. You have to convert these files from EPS to EPS.

eps-mm2swp.sh <file.eps>