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Sharing between users

Transfering files from myself to another user

All unix users (ssh) have a special directory called 'box' in their home.

This directory is writeable by everyone. To transfer files or directories to any user just copy the file to the personal '~<account>/box' of the receivers directory.

Please note: the file permissions are not always sufficient. It might be that the receiver is not able to acces the files immediately. Every 10 minutes (0, 10, 20, 30, 40 50 per hour) a special job will adjust all permissions.

Via command line (terminal)

account = user who should receive the files /directories

One file: cp <files> ~<account>/box

Recursive (files an directories): cp -r <directory> ~<account>/box

Via Filemanager (Nautilus)

Anyone can write to other users box directory, but not read. That means that it is not possible to drag and drop files via Nautilus directly (cause Nautilus tries to read the directory which is forbidden). A fast and nice workaround is to create symbolic links to the destination user box directory (this could be repeated for any receiver). These symlinks can be anywhere. A nice place might be the own 'box' directory (think it as a 'personal transfer place'). For example if you like to copy files to the user 'duffy' create first the symbolic link on a terminal:

ln -s ~duffy/box ~/box/duffy

Now start Nautilus and drag and drop files and directories over the icon of 'duffy' in your box directory.

Nautilus always set's unsufficient permissions to files which are copied to other box'es: The receiver hast to wait up to ten minutes until file access is possible.