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RemarkOffice (Multiple Choice Bögen Auswertung)

general Information:

to interpret the content of a scanned multiple choice document, you need to define a template. This is a basic layout of the page with marked areas where information should be looked for.

as example you have answers A to D, you can mark these 4 fields where to put crosses.


The existing template is located in /scratch/mat182/Antwortbogen


to start scanning, simply load the Software, by choosing "Start/Programms/Tools/RemarkOffice/DataCenter" (see pictures)


The Scanner should be cleaned before use.


Place the sheets, front page up, on the scanner (see Picture). Its advisable to place the sheets in a nice tidy stack.


In the Software, open the Template (SP1.omr)

start the "Read Wizzard" and let the scanner scan for a while