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Institut für Mathematik - Local Info

Information for guests

Math Guest Account

The 'Math Guest Account' is valid for any Terminal at the institute. To log in, please type your username and password at the login screen.

Change the password

Setting a new password will be done via a Webbrowser under

Transferring Files

  • USB Stick, CD, DVD: Use the windows computer in J11 or K49. Copy the files in your Home (Drive L:) - not on the Desktop! 
  • Internet: a) via email as attachement or b) via SFTP: Windows - Filezilla (, Linux: Nautilus, Mac OSX 'Cyberduck' ( and connect with the URL , your username and password. For Linux use the URL 'sftp://<guest??>'.



  • Printing to institutes printers are only possible:
    • by using one of the institutes terminals, or
    • by using the institutes LAN (yellow cable or a port with a yellow point), or
    • by using the institutes WLAN 'IMATH'.
  • Printernames are on stickers on the printer. In general, they are named like the offices, public printers like the floors.
  • Special printer PDF (only available by using a terminal): The PDF files will be saved directly in your home directory, named 'output.pdf'.

To print with your private notebook on the institutes printer:

Internet access

LAN via Cable with DHCP

Plug in the network cable on your desk (yellow network), set the configuration of your notebook to 'DHCP enabled' and 'no authentication'. If you connect your notebook the first time to the I-MATH LAN, you have to register it with your Guest Account.

WAN via Wireless

There are 3 official WLAN:

  • eduroam (preferred): If your 'home' university supports EduRoam (, most do), you can authenticate with your credentials of your 'home' university.
  • UZH-Guest (second choice): You'll be asked for you mobile phone number. A one day access token will be send to it via SMS.
  • UZH: only for members of UZH. You need your UZH 'shortname' credentials.

Library Access

The key of the guest room will also open the library, which is located on floor 'G' (basement).

Library online search:

Power Adapter

International connectors for power should lie on the desk, otherwise ask the IT for help.


Administrative questions: sekretariat(at)

Technical questions: support(at)