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Unit Model: Barco Reality 6300

Resolution: native 1280x1024 Pixels

Link: www.barco.com/corporate/en/Products/product_specs.asp



In Y27H25 there is, seen from the students tables, a media rack on the left of the room (shown on 1st and 2nd picture).

Connect your laptop to the port labelled VGA (3rd picture) and choose the appropriate input source ("VGA") on the panel shown in the 4th picture.


Technical Data Beamer H25

Brightness (Lumens): 2000 ANSI

Contrast (Full On/Off): 350:1

Variable Iris: No

Audible Noise: 39.0 dB

Weight: 17.7 kg

Size (cm) (HxWxD): 25.7 x 37.1 x 65.4

Image Size (cm) : 101.6 - 599.4

Optional Lenses: Yes

Digital Zoom: No

Digital Keystone: No

Lens Shift: Vertical

Networking Wired: No

Networking Wireless: No


H-Sync Range: 15.0 - 115.0kHz

V-Sync Range: 25 - 150Hz


HDTV: 1080i, 720p

EDTV/480p: Yes

Component Video: Yes

Video: Yes

Digital Input: No

Computers: Yes

Display: Type:

4.6 cm 3LCD

Native: 1280x1024 Pixels

Maximum: 2000x1280 Pixels

Aspect Ratio: 5:4 (SXGA)

Lamp: Type:

400W Metal Halide

Life: 750 hours

Speakers: 3.0W+ 3.0W

Max Power: 570W

Voltage: 95V - 230V

Status: Out of Production

First Ship: Jul 2000