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Institut für Mathematik - Local Info

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All Students and members of the UZH own an ITIM identity (includes several accounts), which is organized by the Informatikdienste (ID) of the UZH. With the 'uzh_shortname/webpass' credentials, you can create a local Math account.

Math Institute

The institutes account is necessary to use the local IT-infrastructure.

  • Students have to create a local institute account with their 'uzh_shortname/webpass' credentials (see above).
  • Members of the institute get the account via the system administration group.

Local Math account: change and sync password

What happen's with my account when I leave the Institute ?

After you leave the institute, you have several weeks time to move your data to another place. If you still need the institutes account, email address, homepage or access to mathematical programs, please contact the system group. Take care to read your emails in case the system group tries to contact you.