Institut für Mathematik - Local Info

Laptops (LAN, Wireless LAN)

WiFi at the institute

Inside the institute most places will have WLAN access. To configure WLAN, please check: and/or IMATH Wiki.

Use the WLAN 'uzh' or 'eduroam'.

For authentication, you need your personal 'UZH shortname', which you should receive automatically from the compute center, if you are a new student or a new UZH employee. If you don't know your UZH identity please contact the Systembetreuung.

Public LAN (for Laptops)

If you prefer to connect to the network thru a LAN-cable, please use one of the network ports marked with a 'yellow' dot. Ports with no or other colors then yellow, are a different network and won`t work for private laptops. Configure your laptop as DHCP Client.

When you connect the first time, you'll be asked for an IMATH username/password combination. Your laptop will be registered to you, during the authentication process.