Institut für Mathematik


Konferenz: Symposium about Pure Mathematics

Homological mirror symmetry: proofs and applications

Vortrag von Dr. Nicholas Sheridan
Datum: 08.02.17   Zeit: 11.10 - 11.50   Raum: Y27H28

Mirror symmetry is a deep conjectural relationship between symplectic geometry and algebraic geometry. It originated in string theory, but caught the attention of mathematicians when it was used to make striking predictions about enumerative geometry. Kontsevich has proposed a far-reaching generalization, called the homological mirror symmetry conjecture, which is phrased as an equivalence of categories. I will explain how one can prove this conjecture in some specific cases, and give concrete applications: namely, questions about symplectic geometry which can be answered by translating them via mirror symmetry into more-tractable questions about algebraic geometry.