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Workshop on Cohomological Methods in Arithmetic Geometry


Organisiert von: H. Esnault, A. Kresch, B. Poonen, A. Skorobogatov

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This workshop, held during the semester-long program "Rational points and algebraic cycles", will focus on the applications of cohomological methods to the study of algebraic cycles and rational points on algebraic varieties.

Cohomological obstructions to rational points
Étale homotopy theory
Chabauty's method (including nonabelian analogues)
Fundamental groups and anabelian geometry
Motivic geometry
Arithmetic aspects of Chow groups

Tim Browning, University of Bristol
Ulrich Derenthal, LMU München
Gerd Faltings, Max-Planck-Institut Bonn
Wojtek Gajda, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań
David Harari, Université de Paris-Sud (Orsay)
Yonatan Harpaz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nick Katz, Princeton University
Yongqi Liang, Université de Paris-Sud (Orsay)
Max Lieblich, University of Washington
Dino Lorenzini, University of Georgia
Lilian Matthiesen, University of Bristol
Ambrus Pál, Imperial College London
Jakob Stix, Universität Heidelberg
Bianca Viray, Brown University
Olivier Wittenberg, ENS Paris
Trevor Wooley, University of Bristol

Participants are requested to register for the workshop by September 7, 2012, by following the registration link ("Anmeldung") at the top of this page.

Monday, 10.09.12
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
14:00-15:00Bianca Viray
(Brown University)
Vertical Brauer elements and del Pezzo surfaces of degree 4Y27H35/36
15:30-16:30Yongqi Liang
(Université de Paris-Sud)
Brauer-Manin obstruction for zero-cycles on rationally connected varieties defined over number fieldsY27H35/36
16:45-17:45Yonatan Harpaz
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem )
The Relative Étale Shape and Rational PointsY27H35/36
Tuesday, 11.09.12
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:30-10:30Tim Browning
(University of Bristol)
How frequently does the Hasse principle fail?Y27H35/36
11:00-12:00Jakob Stix
(Universität Frankfurt )
On the birational section conjecture with local conditionsY27H35/36
Wednesday, 12.09.12
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:00-10:00Olivier Wittenberg
(École Normale Supérieure)
Divisibility of Chow groups of 0-cycles of varieties over strictly local fieldsY27H35/36
10:30-11:30Wojciech Gajda
(Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan)
Independence of l-adic representations over function fieldsY27H35/36
11:45-12:45Trevor Wooley
(University of Bristol)
Weak approximation for rational morphisms from the projective line to a diagonal hypersurfaceY27H35/36
Thursday, 13.09.12
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:30-10:30Gerd Faltings
(Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik)
Mathematics around Kim's methodY27H35/36
11:00-12:00Lilian Matthiesen
(University of Bristol)
Rational points on conic bundle surfaces via additive combinatoricsY27H35/36
14:30-15:30Dino J. Lorenzini
(University of Georgia)
An Avoidance Lemma and a Moving Lemma for familiesY27H35/36
Friday, 14.09.12
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:30-10:30David Harari
(Université de Paris-Sud)
The unramified Brauer group of a homogeneous spaceY27H35/36
11:00-12:00Ulrich Derenthal
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Values of quadratic polynomials represented by normsY27H35/36