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HS 20
Seyedeh Fatemeh Nassajian Mojarrad
Lorenzo Micalizzi
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Y27H12 / Blockkurs: 14.02.-18.02.2022 Plätze: 50
Y27H52 / Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00 Plätze: 21

Course objectives

This course is an introduction to the basics of MATLAB that covers the following topics:

- MATLAB environment
- Variables, constants, operators and basic computations
- Algorithms and functions
- Condition statements & Loops
- Matrices, Vectors and Linear Algebra in Matlab
- Pictures and Animations
- File management
- Performance analysis
- Symbolic Math Toolbox

No prior experience in coding/programming is required.


Course material

Lectures slides and demo of scripts and functions are accessible during the course.

You have to bring your own computer with you in all the lectures, where you already installed Matlab.
1. To install it, register and download the software from

2. Then, download the activation key from the university website
and follow the installation instruction.

3. Lastly, activate your license with the TAH activation key that you got from the university. For Linux users, the username asked during the process should match the username of your desktop session.


Place and time

The lectures will be held from 14/02 to 18/02 in Y27H12 and Y27H52 from 08:00 to 17:00.



The last day of the course there will be a short exam with exercises similar to those seen during the lectures.

It will take place Friday, the 18th of February 9:00 - 11:00. It consists of exercises similar to ones seen during the class.





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