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Spring 19

Introduction to the Geometry of Surfaces

Speaker: Corinna Ulcigrai


We 10.15 - 12.00
Room: Y27H25 Seats: 20
Fr 13.00 - 14.45
Room: Y27H25 Seats: 20


Fr 15.00 - 17.00
Y27H25 Seats: 20
Exercises Introduction to the Geometry of Surfaces


For the most part of the course (Euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic geometry and building hyperbolic surfaces via glueings and quotients) we will follow quite closely:

Hyperbolic geometry and in particular Fuchsian groups are also treated in detail in the following lecture notes:
The following Blog post might also make a nice read and expands ideas from this part.
Handwritten Lecture Notes from classes:
Lecture 21 (15 May) Poincare' Theorems and intro to Moduli Spaces;


Module: 08.07.2019 9:00-12:00, Room: Y03G91 Seats: 25, Type: written exam
Repetition: 29.08.2019 9:00-13:00, Room: Y27K36, Type: oral exam

Module: MAT758 Introduction to the Geometry of Surfaces