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Elements of Spectral Theory

Dozent: Przemyslaw Berk


Mi 10.15 - 12.00

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The course will take place on-line If you'd like to attend please write an Email to: Przemyslaw Berk: Notes from 24.02I deeply apologize to everyone who wanted to attend the lecture but could not. I cannot tell You what the issue was but I hope to resolve it until next week. I also hope that the recording of the lecture and the notes will serve You well. The lecture was organizational/introductory and is not neccesary to understand the reminder of the lecture.Notes - 3.03.21Notes 10.03Notes - Spectral Theory - 17.03Notes 24.03Notes 31.03Notes 14.04Notes from 21.04Notes 28.04Notes 5.05Notes 12.05Notes 19.05Notes 26.05Last remarksExam QuestionsShift has a Lebesgue spectrum


Modul: 29.06.2021-30.06.2021, Raum: Mehrere Räume, Typ: mündlich
29.06.: H28 / 30.06.: H12

Modul: MAT660 Elements of Spectral Theory