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Lorenzo Micalizzi


08:00 - 09:45
Y27H12 Seats: 50

Video Streams

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0) The course is a basic introduction to Python. The following topics will be covered

 - Basic notions: computer, algorithms, programming languages
 - Introduction to Python and Visual Studio, interpreter and scripts
 - Basic data types (Numbers, booleans, strings and lists)
 - Control flow (if, for and while)
 - Functions
 - Modules, Packages
 - Numpy
 - Matplotlib
 - Advanced data types (tuples, dictionaries and classes)
 - Input/output


1) Course material

 - Slides, example files

 - Python Tutorial, Guido van Rossum and the Python development team



2) Links

 - Installing Python3:

 - Installing Visual Studio Code:

 - Installing pip:

 - Installing numpy:

 - Installing matplotlib:

 - Thinlinc:


3) There will be a final coding exam.

50% of the total score in the exercise sheets is required to be able to take the final exam.





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