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Fall 18


Th 08.00 - 09.45
Exercises Probability II


Change of schedule:

  • No lecture on Thursday Oct. 17th
  • Raul Penaguiao is doing the lecture on Tuesdaz, Oct. 22nd

Some information on the class/exercise sessions:
  • The exercises will be graded, and, as usual, you need half the maximal number of points to be authorized to attend the final exam;
  • The exercise sheets will be upload on Tuesdays, after the lecture. You have to return your solutions the next Tuesday at the latest, in Raul Penaguiao's mailbox (J floor). Note that some of the exercises (indicated on the sheet) might require the content of Thursday's lecture to be solved.
  • You can do the exercises in pairs (hand in one sheet with both names in that case), but not in bigger groups.

A script, updated along the semester, is posted on this webpage;
Lecture notes -- new version (Oct. 10th) some minor mistakes corrected, include the beginning of part C.


Module: 05.02.2020 9:00-12:00, Room: n.n., Type: written exam

Module: MAT922 Probability II (Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie)