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In diesem Semester findet das ausgewählte Seminar nicht statt

We will use a Git repository to work on exercises. The following are streamlined instructions on how to do this with a Linux machine, for other operating systems the instructions might vary slightly. First, you should have received an invitation to collaborate to our Git as a developer, accepting this invitation will bring you to the university's Git page. If at the top of this page you see a message along the lines of "missing ssh-key", message me and I will fix this issue. Otherwise, there you will find a blue button marked "clone", and clicking it gives two options. Copy the link "Clone with SSH". Now you will clone the Git repository onto your computer; to do so create a folder and open it in the terminal (right-click on the folder and open in terminal). After you have done this type this command:

git clone {paste your link here}
Now your folder (A) contains a new folder (B) with the content of our shared Git repository. Every time you want to work on the exercises it is important that you update your local copy to the most recent version. To do this open folder B in the terminal and execute the command:
git pull
Now your folder is up-to-date with the most recent version and you can modify it. Once you are done and want to share your work open folder B in the terminal and type and execute, in order, the following commands:
git add .
git commit -m "your name"
git push

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