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In what documents is studying at the MNF regulated?

Binding regulations are:

  1. Framework for studying in the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Zurich
  2. Study regulations for studying in the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Zurich
  3. Regulations for obtaining the doctoral degree

The framework contains general provisions for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. In the study regulations, the study programs are described in terms of content. The doctoral degree regulations regulate doctoral studies, but they are not the subject of this guide.

The present guidelines and the mentioned regulations a), b) and c) apply over a longer period of time. For the current information, the course catalog will be published for each subject for each semester, which, among other things, contains detailed information on the courses.It appears at the beginning of April for the fall semester and at the beginning of November for the spring semester.

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How is the study structured? Which academic degrees can I acquire?

The programs at the MNF are graduated courses. The first level leads to the Bachelor's degree, the second one to the Master's degree. In the bachelor's program you will be taught solid basic knowledge and the ability to methodical-scientific thinking. Subsequent master's studies provide you with in-depth scientific training and the ability to work independently.

Above all, the bachelor's degree program serves as a hinge for further education in a master's degree, be it in the same subject at one's own or another university, or in another subject. The study regulations determine the conditions under which a change of subject between the Bachelor and Master programs is possible. As a third stage, you can take up a doctoral degree program after completing your Master's degree course, provided that a supervisor agrees to lead a dissertation project. During a doctoral program, financial support is usually provided.

The master's degree is also the technical basis for the teaching diploma study for secondary schools. The pedagogical and didactical training leading to this diploma is offered by the Institute of Educational Science. 

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What is a minor subject?

A minor is a subject different from the major subject, with a total of 30 or 60 credits. It is shown in the bachelor or master diploma certificate.

The minor subjects that can be freely chosen for the study of mathematics are listed in the study regulations and in the guidelines. The Dean of Studies may grant additional minor subjects upon your request.

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