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Preprint Series

Die Preprint Serie wurde 2015 eingestellt.

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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2012

F. Bonechi, A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev
The Poisson Sigma Model on Closed Surfaces
S. I. Repin, T. Samrowski
On computable bounds of modeling errors
J.M. Melenk, A. Parsania, S. Sauter
Generalized DG Methods for Highly Indefinite Helmholtz Problems Based on the Ultra-Weak Variational Formulation
C. De Lellis, L. Székelyhidi Jr.
Dissipative continuous Euler flows
L. Banjai, S. Sauter
Frequency Explicit Regularity Estimates for the Electric Field Integral Operator
A. S. Cattaneo, I. Contreras Palacios, C. Heunen
Relative Frobenius algebras are groupoids
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev, N. Reshetikhin
Classical and Quantum Lagrangian Field Theories with Boundary
M. López Fernández, S. Sauter
Fast and Stable Contour Integration for High Order Divided Differences via Elliptic Functions
M. López Fernández, S. Sauter
Generalized Convolution Quadrature with Variable Time Stepping.Part II: Algorithm and Numerical Results
A. S. Cattaneo, B. Dherin, A. Weinstein
Symplectic microgeometry III: Monoids
S. Sauter
A Posteriori Error Estimation for Elliptic PartialDifferential Equations.Lecture Notes of the Zürich Summerschool 2012.
S. I. Repin, T. Samrowski, S. Sauter
Estimates of the modeling error generated by homogenization of an elliptic boundary value problem
A. S. Cattaneo, M. Zambon
A Supergeometric Approach to Poisson Reduction
A. S. Cattaneo, I. Contreras Palacios
Groupoids and Poisson sigma models with boundary
P.G. Ciarlet, P. Ciarlet, Jr., S. Sauter, C. Simian
Intrinsic Finite Element Methods for theComputation of Fluxes for Poisson’s Equation