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Preprint Series

Die Preprint Serie wurde 2015 eingestellt.

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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2009

D. Peterseim, S. Sauter
Finite element methods for the Stokes problem on complicated domains
C. De Lellis, D. Tasnady
The existence of embedded minimal hypersurfaces Updated version
F. Schätz
Invariance of the BFV-complex
F. Schätz
Moduli of coisotropic sections and the BFV-complex
M. Brodmann, P. Schenzel
Projective curves with maximal regularity and applications to syzygies and surfaces
A. S. Cattaneo, G. Felder, Th. Willwacher
On L_\infty-morphisms of cyclic chains
S. Conti, C. De Lellis, L. Székelyhidi Jr.
h-Principle and Rigidity for C^(1,\alpha) Isometric Embeddings Updated version
A. S. Cattaneo, B. Dherin, A. Weinstein
Symplectic microgeometry I: Micromorphisms
J.M. Melenk, S. Sauter
Wave-Number Explicit Convergence Analysis for Galerkin Discretizations of the Helmholtz Equation (extended version)
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev
Remarks on Chern-Simons Invariants
S. I. Repin, S. Sauter
Computable estimates of the modeling error related to Kirchhoff-Love plate model
H. Bursztyn, A. S. Cattaneo, R. A. Mehta, M. Zambon
The Frobenius Theorem for Graded Manifolds and Applications in Graded Symplectic Geometry
D. Braess, S. Sauter, C. Schwab
On the Justification of Plate Models
E. Spadaro
Complex Varieties and Higher Integrability of Dir-Minimizing Q-Valued Functions
C. De Lellis, M. Focardi, E. Spadaro
Lower Semicontinuous Functionals for Almgren's Multiple Valued Functions Updated version
C. De Lellis, E. Spadaro
Higher Integrability and Approximation of Minimal Currents Updated version
A. Barbour, S.N. Socoll
Local limit approximations for Markov population processes
A. Barbour, S.N. Socoll
Translated Poisson Approximation to Equilibrium Distributions of Markov Population Processes
A. Barbour, D. Heinzmann, P. R. Torgerson
Compound processes as models for clumped parasite data
A. Barbour, S. Janson
A functional combinatorial central limit theorem
A. Barbour
Univariate approximations in the infinite occupancy scheme
M. Cicalese, E. Spadaro, C. I. Zeppieri
Asymptotic analysis of a second-order singular perturbation model for phase transitions
E. Kowalski, A. Nikeghbali
Mod-Poisson convergence in probability and number theory
J. Najnudel, A. Nikeghbali
A new construction of the $\sigma$-finite measures associated with submartingales of class $(\Sigma)$