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Preprint Series

Die Preprint Serie wurde 2015 eingestellt.

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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2004

M. Chipot, Y. Xie
On the asymptotic behaviour of the p-Laplace equation in cylinders becoming unbounded
A. S. Cattaneo, G. Felder
Coisotropic submanifolds in Poisson geometry and branes in the Poisson sigma model
A. Smolianski
Finite-Element/Level-Set/Operator-Splitting (FELSOS)
Approach for Computing Two-Fluid Unsteady Flows with Free Moving Interfaces
A. S. Cattaneo, B. Dherin, G. Felder
Formal symplectic groupoid
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Cotta-­Ramusino, R. Longoni
Algebraic structures on graph cohomology
A. S. Cattaneo, D. Indelicato
Formality and Star Products
M. Brodmann, F. Rohrer, R. Sazeedeh
Multiplicities of graded components of local cohomology modules
M. Chipot, S. Hastings, D. Kinderlehrer
Transport in a molecular motor system
E. Bolthausen, N. Kistler
On a non-hierarchical version of the Generalized Random Energy Model
M. Brodmann
Asymptotic behaviour of cohomology: tameness, supports and associated primes
W. Hackbusch, B. N. Khoromskij, S. Sauter
Adaptive Galerkin Boundary Element Methods with Panel Clustering
S. Sauter, R. Warnke
Composite Finite Elements for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients
A. Constantin, T. Kappeler, B. Kolev, P. Topalov
On geodesic exponential maps of the Virasoro group