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Preprint Series

Die Preprint Serie wurde 2015 eingestellt.

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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2003

Th. Foertsch, V. Schroeder
Products of hyperbolic metric spaces II
S. I. Repin, S. Sauter, A. Smolianski
A Posteriori Error Estimation for the Poisson Equation with Mixed Dirichlet/Neumann Boundary Conditions
M. Brodmann, St. Fumasoli, C.S. Lim
Low-codimensional associated primes of graded components of local cohomology modules
T. Kappeler, Ch. Möhr, P. Topalov
Birkhoff coordinates for KdV on phase spaces of distributions extended version
A. Barbour, A. Pugliese
Asymptotic behaviour of a metapopulation model
A. Barbour, S. Utev
Approximating the Reed-Frost epidemic process
A. Barbour, G. Reinert
Discrete small world networks
A. Barbour, R. Kälin
The duration of a sequence of epidemics
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Xu
Integration of twisted Poisson structures
Th. Foertsch
Ball versus distance convexity of metric spaces
A. Barbour, B. Granovsky
Random combinatorial structures: the convergent case
T. Kappeler, P. Topalov
Global Well-Posedness of KdV in H^{-1}(T,R)
T. Kappeler, P. Topalov
Global Well-Posedness of mKDV in L^2(T,R)
M. Brodmann, F. Rohrer
Hilbert-Samuel coefficients and postulation numbers of graded components of certain local cohomology modules
S. Börm, S. Sauter
Classical BEM with linear complexity
A. S. Cattaneo
On the integration of Poisson manifolds, Lie algebroids, and coisotropic submanifolds
M. Rech, S. Sauter, A. Smolianski
Two-Scale Composite Finite Element Method for the Dirichlet Problem on Complicated Domains revised version, July 2005
S. I. Repin, S. Sauter, A. Smolianski
A Posteriori Estimation of Dimension Reduction Errors for Elliptic Problems on Thin Domains
A. Buffa, S. Sauter
On the acoustic single layer potential: Stabilisation and Fourier analysis
A. Bernig
Curvature bounds on subanalytic spaces
A. Barbour, K. P. Choi
A non–uniform bound for translated Poisson approximation
A. Barbour, A. Pugliese
Convergence of a structured metapopulation model to Levins’s model