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Preprint Series

Die Preprint Serie wurde 2015 eingestellt.

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Preprint Serie des Jahres 2001

E. Bolthausen, A. Sznitman
On the static and dynamic points of views for certain random walks in random environment
T. Kappeler, S. Kuksin, V. Schroeder
Perturbations of the harmonic map equation
M. Brodmann
Cohomological invariants of coherent sheaves over projective schemes - a survey
A. Barbour, O. Chryssaphinou
Compound Poisson approximation: a user's guide
A. Barbour, M. Månsson
Compound Poisson process approximation
A. Barbour, V. Schmidt
On Laslett's Transform for the Boolean Model
A. Barbour, V. Cekanavicius
Total variation asymptotics for sums of independent integer random variables
A. Barbour, G. Reinert
Small worlds
M. Brodmann, A. Lashgari
A diagonal bound for cohomological postulation numbers of projective schemes
C. Carstensen, S. Sauter
A posteriori error analysis for elliptic PDEs on domains with complicated structures
S. Sauter, N. Frauböse
Composite Finite Elements and Multi-Grid. Part I: Convergence Theory in 1-d
M. Brodmann, M. Hellus
Cohomological patterns of coherent sheaves over projective schemes
Th. Foertsch, V. Schroeder
Minkowski- Versus Euclidean Rank for Products of Metric Spaces
A. Barbour, A. Xia
The number of two dimensional maxima