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Sample of Residual distribution code (Euler equations, perfect gas, 1D)

Organisation of Workshops and Conferences

HONOM 2019, April 1-5, Madrid, Spain Click here
MULTIMAT 2019, Trento (Italy), 9-13 September 2019 Informations


  • Editor in chief of the Journal of Computational Physics (2015-)
  • Co-Editor in Chief of International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids (2011-2015)
  • Associate editor of the Journal of Computational Physics (2003-2015)
  • Associate editor of Computer and Fluids (2001-)
  • Editorial board of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis (M2AN,2002-2008)
  • Associate editor of the Journal of Scientific Computing
  • Associate editor of the International of Computing Science and Mathematics
  • Editorial board of Mathématiques et Applications (2008-)
  • Associate editor of Mathematics of Computation (2010-2017)
  • Editorial board of Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2008-)
  • Associate editor of Communication in Computational Physics (2017-)
  • Associate editor of Communication on Applied Mathematics and Computation (2018-)
  • Associate editor of Mathematics and and Computers in Simulation (2018-)
  • Editorial board of Series in Applied and Numerical Mathematics, De Gruyer (2017-)


  • Numerical schemes for compressible flows : classical upwind schemes,Residual distribution schemes, stabilized finite element methods,monotonicity preserving schemes
  • Numerical schemes for multicomponent compressible flow problems
  • Compressible multiphase problems, phase transition
  • Non conservative hyperbolic problems
  • Discretisation of Hamilton Jacobi equations
  • Unstructured meshes, meshing issues
  • Aeroacoustics and geophysics
  • Model reduction for non linear hyperbolic problems

Vorlesungen & Seminare

Zurich Colloquium in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Rémi Abgrall, Rima Alaifari, Habib Ammari, Ralf Hiptmair, Arnulf Jentzen, Carlos Jerez Hanckes, Siddhartha Mishra, Stefan Sauter, Christoph Schwab
Zurich Colloquium in Mathematics
Rémi Abgrall, Joseph Ayoub, Alessandra Iozzi, Siddhartha Mishra, Rahul Pandharipande, Benjamin Schlein


R. Abgrall

PDF list of publications (01.2018)


Prof. Dr. David Ryckelynck, MINES Paristech (Evry)
Talk: Hyper-reduction in nonlinear mechanics of solid materials
10.12.14 - 11.12.14Abgrall, Rémi
Prof. Dr. Charbel Farhat, Stanford University (Stanford)
11.11.14 - 13.11.14Abgrall, Rémi
Prof. Dr. Mario Ricchiuto, INRIA Bordeaux (Talence)
12.10.14 - 17.10.14Abgrall, Rémi
Prof. Dr. Jan Nordström, Linköping University (Linköping)
Talk: New Developments for Initial Boundary Value Problems at Linköping University
16.09.14 - 19.09.14Abgrall, Rémi
Prof. Dr. Alex Kurganov, Tulane University (New Orleans)
10.09.14 - 16.09.14Abgrall, Rémi
Prof. Dr. Yibing Chen, IAPCM (Beijing)
01.09.14 - 28.02.15Abgrall, Rémi
Dr. Birte Schmidtmann, RWTH Aachen University (Aachen)
12.05.14 - 16.05.14Abgrall, Rémi
Sergey Gavrylyuk, University of Marseilles (Marseilles)
05.05.14 - 10.05.14Abgrall, Rémi
Jesús Garicano, Université libre de Bruxelles (Bruxelles)
02.03.14 - 30.05.14Abgrall, Rémi