Institute of Mathematics


Dr. Andrea Ferraguti

Research interests: Elliptic curves over global fields, modular forms, arithmetic of number rings.
Fall 19


A. Ferraguti, G. Micheli, R. Schnyder
"On sets of irreducible polynomials closed by composition".
Lect. Not. Comp. Sci. (to appear)

A. Ferraguti, G. Micheli
"On the existence of infinite, non-trivial $F$-sets".
J. Number Theory 168, 1–12, 2016. PDF  

A. Ferraguti, P.J. Bruin
"Strongly modular twists of Q-curves".
In preparation.   

A. Ferraguti, P.J. Bruin
"On L-functions of quadratic Q-curves".
Math. Comp. (to appear) PDF  

A. Ferraguti, G. Micheli
"On the Mertens-Cesaro theorem for number fields".
Bull. Austr. Math. Soc., 93(2), 199-210, 2016 PDF