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Dynamics of Parabolic Flows

Recent advances and new perspectives

Organisiert von: G. Forni, K. Fraczek, C. Ulcigrai, B. Weiss

Introductory Lectures

We are happy to announce that the conference will be preceeded by a a series of 'Introductory Lectures', on introductory material/concepts which might help prepare younger participants and those with different backgrounds to make the most of the conference week talks.

The introductory talks will take place:

  • Friday 28 June (morning and afternoon)
  • Saturday 29 June (morning only)

CHANGE OF ROOM: All lectures will take place in room Y 27 H 28 (same building, YA 27, and same floor, floor H)

Speakers and topics

Jon Chaika, University of Utah
Ergodic properties of some parabolic flows: mixing via shearing (2h)
Notes by J.Chaika on Mixing via Shearing

Manfred Einsieder, ETHZ
Horocycle flows, Shearing properties, and Ratner’s joining classification (3h)

John Smillie, University of Warwick
Translation flows, moduli spaces and renormalisation (2h)


(Click here for a printable version of the Introductory Lectures Schedule)


10.00-11.00, H46 Einsielder 1/3
11.00-11.30 break
11.30-12.30, H46 Smillie 1/2
Lunch Break
14.30-15.30, H25 Chaika 1/2
15.30-16.15 break
16.15-17.15, H25 Einsiedler 2/3

18.00-Dinner at Neubhul Restaurant in IrchelPark


9.15-10.15, H25 Smillie 2/2
10.40-11.40, H25 Chaika 2/2
12:00-13.00, H25 Einsiedler 3/3


Interested participants are asked to register by sending an email to Claudia Burkhardt: .
For further information, feel free to contact Corinna Ulcigrai:


The lectures will take place the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Zurich, Building Y27 in Irchel campus (while the main conference will be in the Central UZH campus), floor H (ground floor), room H 28 (floor H is the ground floor).