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Céline Torres nominated as GAMM-Junior


We are proud to announce that Céline Torres was nominated as a GAMM Junior. Each year 10 candidates with exceptional achievements in their final thesis or PhD thesis in the field of applied mathematics or mechanics will be nominated.

The GAMM (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik e.V.) promotes scientific development in all areas of applied mathematics as well in all areas of mechanics and physics relating to the foundation of engineering science. The GAMM Juniors were founded to represent promising young voices in the organization and to contribute to the structural and ideational juvenescence of it. The GAMM Juniors also hold workshops and summer schools among other things.

For more information about the GAMM Juniors, please visit the official website at

The Institute of Mathematics wants to extent its congratulations to Céline Torres for her nomination to the GAMM Juniors!

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