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Professor Camillo De Lellis Awarded 2020 Bôcher Memorial Prize

We are proud to announce that Professor Camillo De Lellis will receive the 2020 Bôcher Memorial Prize.

The American Mathematical Society issues the Bôcher Memorial Prize for notable papers every three years. They announced that Professor De Lellis will receive the next award in January 2020 together with Lawrence Guth and Laure Saint-Raymound. The American Mathematical Society refers to the following papers of Professor Camillo De Lellis as examples of his remarkable achievements:

C. De Lellis, L. Szekelyhidi
Dissipative continuous Euler flows
Inventiones Mathematicae, Volume 193, Issue 2, 377-407 (2013)

C. De Lellis, E. Spadaro
Regularity of area-minimizing currents III: blow-up
Annals of Mathematics, Volume 183, Issue 2, 577-617 (2016)

For more information, please visit the official announcement at

The Institute of Mathematics wants to extent its congratulation to Prof. Dr. Camillo de Lellis for receiving the 2020 Bôcher Memorial Prize.

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