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Symposium "New Directions ins Mathematics"


Organisiert von:  Universität Zürich

Thursday, 06.05.10
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:00-09:45Carlo Rossi
(MPI Bonn)
Applications of Kontsevich-like formality theorems in Algebra and GeometryY27H46
11:00-11:45Philipp Habegger
(Universität Basel)
Commutative and Non-commutative Results in Diophantine GeometryY27H46
14:00-14:45Jean Fasel
(ETH Lausanne)
Some cancellation theorems for projective modulesY27H46
16:00-16:45Vladimir Dotsenko
(Trinity College Dublin)
Shuffle operadsY27H46
Friday, 07.05.10
Zeit Referent VortragstitelRaum
09:00-09:45Joseph Ayoub
(Institut für Mathematik, Universität Zürich)
Galois theory for some transcendental numbersY27H35/36
11:00-11:45Jose Espinar
(Universidad de Granada)
Schrodinger type operators and stable surfaces in three-manifoldsY27H35/36
14:00-14:45Julia Wolf
(Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge)
What Fourier analysis can and cannot tell us about the integersY27H35/36
16:00-16:45Stephan Wehrli
(Syracuse University)
On a relationship between Khovanov homology and knot Floer homologyY27H35/36