Prof. Dr. Frédérique Bassino, University of Paris-Nord (University of Paris-Nord)
04.07.18 - 06.07.18Féray, Valentin
Prof. Dr. Lucas Gerin, Ecole Polytechnique (Paris)
04.07.18 - 06.07.18Féray, Valentin
Mickael Maazoun, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon (Lyon)
04.07.18 - 06.07.18Féray, Valentin
Dr. Tomislav Sikic, University of Zagreb (Zagreb)
Talk: Rogers-Ramanujan type identities and representation theory of affine Lie algebras
22.04.18 - 27.04.18Féray, Valentin
Prof. Dr. Nizar Demni, Université Rennes 1 (Rennes)
Talk: Dunkl operators, generalized Bessel functions and Hurwitz numbers
15.04.18 - 17.04.18Féray, Valentin