Research and Publishing Activities since 2000

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Primary: Commutative Algebra and its Interaction with Algebraic Geometry

Local Cohomology

  • Structure of Local Cohomology Modules
  • Vanishing- and Finiteness Results
  • Associated Primes of Local Cohomology Modules
  • Behaviour of Graded Components

Cohomology of Projective Schemes

  • Cohomological Hilbert Functions
  • Cohomological Patterns
  • Castelnuovo-Regularity and Related Invariants

Projective Varieties of low Degree

  • Geometric Characterizations
  • Cohomology and Hartshorne-Rao Functions
  • Approximation of Betti-Numbers
  • Cohomology of Ample Line Bundles

Secondary: Visualization and popular Exposition of Mathematics

Visualization of Surfaces

  • Models of closed Surfaces
  • Blown-ups of the Plane