Organized by: Prof. Dr. Elisa Gorla, Prof. Dr. Joachim Rosenthal
MAT076Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Codierungstheorie und KryptographieMi15.00-17.00Y27H12HS 17
Module:  MAT076  Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Codierungstheorie und Kryptographie

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27.09.17On syndrome decoding of interleaved Gabidulin and subspace codes.
Time: 15.00-16.00 Room: Y27H12
Vladimir Sidorenko
Technical University of Munich
27.09.17Efficient arithmetic in trace-zero subgroups
Time: 16.00-17.00 Room: Y27H12
Giulia Bianco
Universite de Neuchatel
11.10.17The Theta Series of a Lattice and its Relevance for Physical Layer Communications
Time: 15.00-16.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Amaro Barreal Fernandez
Aalto University
11.10.17Construction of MDP convolutional codes
Time: 16.00-17.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Julia Lieb
Universität Würzburg
08.11.17Lattice-based cryptography: an introduction
Time: 15.00-16.00 Room: Y27H12
Cecilia Boschini
IBM Research - Zurich
08.11.17Success and limitation of Coppersmith's methods
Time: 16.00-17.00 Room: Y27H12
Gérard Maze
Universität Zürich
22.11.17Polymatroids, codes, and their q-analogues
Time: 15.00-16.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Relinde Jurrius
University of Neuchatel
22.11.17MRD codes: further properties and standard form of Gabidulin codes
Time: 16.00-17.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Alessandro Neri
Universität Zürich
06.12.17Mathematical contributions on the construction of good codes for secret sharing and storage
Time: 15.00-16.00 Room: Y27H12
Sihem Mesnager
University of Paris VIII
06.12.17A Decoding Algorithm for Rank Metric Codes
Time: 16.00-17.00 Room: Y27H12
Tovohery Hajatiana Randrianarisoa
Universität Zürich
20.12.17A construction of Abelian non-cyclic orbit codes
Time: 11.00-12.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Joan-Josep Climent
University of Alicante
20.12.17Polynomial Matrices over Finite Fields with Given Smith Form
Time: 12.00-13.00 Room: UNINE, A317
Samrith Ram
IIIT Delhi
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