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L. Halbeisen, N. Hungerbühler
An Elementary Proof of Poncelet’s Theorem (on the occasion to its bicentennial)
R. Bank, A. Parsania, S. Sauter
Saturation Estimates for hp-Finite Element Methods
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev
Wave relations
A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev, N. Reshetikhin
Classical BV Theories on Manifolds with Boundary
S. Sauter, J. Zech
A Posteriori Error Estimation of HP-DG finite Element Methods for highly indefinite Helmholtz Problems
M. López Fernández, S. Sauter
Generalized Convolution Quadrature based on Runge-Kutta Methods
S. Falletta, S. Sauter
The Panel-Clustering Method for the Wave Equation in Two Spatial Dimensions