Titles Higher structures conference

                                                      Z├╝rich 2009


Speaker: Ozgur Ceyhan

Title:  Open string theory and planar algebras


Speaker: Ralph Cohen

Title:String topology, Field Theories, and Fukaya categories


Speaker: Marius Crainic

Title: Representations up to homotopy 


Speaker: Vasily Dolgushev

Title: Proof of Swiss Cheese Conjecture 


Speaker: Giovanni Felder

Title: D-branes and A-infinity bimodules in deformation quantization


Speaker: Gregory Ginot

Title:  Higher dimensional analogs of Hochschild (co)homology


Speaker: Sergei Gukov

Title:  Quantization via Fukaya category


Speaker: Owen Gwilliam 

Title: Factorization algebras in perturbative quantum field theory


Speaker: Andrei Losev

Title:  Higher instantonic theories and higher algebraic structures


Speaker: Ryszard Nest

Title: Formality for algebroid stacks 


Speaker: Florian Schaetz 

Title: Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds 


Speaker: Pavol Severa 

Title: Equivalence of formalities of the little disks operad


Speaker: Sergey Shadrin

Title:  A cohomological field theory associated to a TCFT


Speaker: Mathieu Stienon 

Title: Gerbes, principal 2-group bundles and characteristic classes


Speaker: Walter van Suijlekom

Title:  Renormalization Hopf algebras for gauge theories and BRST-symmetries


Speaker: Dennis Sullivan

Title: The quantum lie bialgebra conjecture


Speaker: Bruno Vallette

Title: Homotopy theory of homotopy algebras


Speaker: Alan Weinstein

Title:  Symplectic categories


Speaker: Chenchang Zhu

Title:  Semidirect products of representations up to homotopy