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Teaching Diploma

Teaching diploma

Training as a teaching diploma for secondary school

The training for teaching diploma for Maturitätsschulen is offered by the Institute for Educational Sciences of UZH. In addition to the specialist knowledge, the program provides a pedagogical and didactic training that enables students to teach at a grammar school or another secondary school. The degree program comprises 60 credit points.

The training can be started at the earliest after the acquisition of the Bachelor's degree or an equivalent subject-specific training in the subject of study that qualifies for the respective subject. Provided that the academic studies at the Master's level are not yet completed, admission to the degree program requires a simultaneous enrollment in the subject-specific study program at the UZH or ETH Zurich corresponding to the respective subject.

Further information as well as regulations and orders can be found on the homepage of the Institute of Education:

Specialist requirements

1. teaching subject: Mathematics

The subject-specific prerequisite for admission to the degree program "Teaching Diploma for Matura Schools" is a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or equivalent or higher subject education, e.g. a master's degree in mathematics. If there is no master's degree in mathematics yet, admission to the degree program requires simultaneous enrollment in the Master's program Mathematics. The master's degree in mathematics is a prerequisite for admission to the diploma examination of the teaching diploma program.

2nd teaching subject: Mathematics

The amount of credits for mathematics as a 2nd subject for the teaching diploma is 90 ECTS credits. These consist of the large Bachelor's minor subject for 60 credits and the Master's minor subject for 30 credits. The details of the courses can be found in the guidelines here.