Statistical Consulting

Animal Research (studies involving animals)

Animal Research (studies involving animals)

Statistical methods consultation

To improve the quality of animal research, we offer statistical methods consultation. This includes advice on study design, on sample size calculation, on methods for data analysis and on reporting for publications, dissertations and theses. For master students seeking advice we suggest that the supervisor joins for the first meeting.

We encourage you to consult us during the planning phase of your study, so that potential improvements on research questions, study design and absolutely necessary numbers of test animals (3Rs principles: Reduction) can be made.

We provide a maximum of an hour appointment that is free of charge for animal researchers of UZH (e.g., members of Faculty of Science, Medical Faculty, Vetsuisse Faculty, University Medicine inc. USZ, Centers of Competence, etc.).

The free 1h-consultation is per license (not per researcher or per group) in the case of "application for license to perform animal experiment in Kanton Zurich". Note that

this 1h-consultation is NOT A VERIFICATION of experimental design & the planned statistical analysis of your application (new Form A, par 31).

We use and encourage to employ the free software R. Unfortunately, we can only provide limited help with other statistical softwares.

Please register in a timely manner using the registration form below. Typically we will contact you within two working days to set up an appointment.

Other services

We also offer “Contractual Consulting” and “Contractual Data Analysis” with a fee, for internal and external UZH. Email us for details.

The consulting meeting can be either online (e.g., Teams, Zoom,, etc.) or onsite (building Y27 Irchel Campus).

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