October 2018Alberto S. Cattaneo
Pavel Mnev
Konstantin Wernli
Theta Invariants of lens spaces via the BV-BFV formalism
August 2018Konstantin WernliComputing Entanglement Polytopes
August 2018Alberto S. Cattaneo
Nima Moshayedi
Konstantin Wernli
On the Globalization of the Poisson Sigma Model in the BV-BFV Formalism
July 2018Alberto S. Cattaneo
Nima Moshayedi
Konstantin Wernli
Perturbative Quantization of Nonlinear AKSZ Sigma Models on Manifolds with Boundary
June 2018John C. Baez
Blake S. Pollard
Jonathan Lorand
Maru Sarazola
Biochemical Coupling Through Emergent Conservation Laws
June 2018Vincent Braunack-Mayer
Hisham Sati
Urs Schreiber
Gauge enhancement of super M-branes via parametrized stable homotopy theory
May 2018Chris Elliott
Pavel Safronov
Topological twists of supersymmetric algebras of observables
April 2018Marc Hoyois
Pavel Safronov
Sarah Scherotzke
Nicolò Sibilla
The categorified Grothendieck--Riemann--Roch theorem
September 2017Pavel SafronovLectures on shifted Poisson geometry
June 2017Pavel SafronovPoisson-Lie structures as shifted Poisson structures
April 2017Giovanni Canepa
Claudio Dappiaggi
Igor Khavkine
IDEAL characterization of isometry classes of FLRW and inflationary spacetimes
April 2017Valerio Melani
Pavel Safronov
Derived coisotropic structures II: stacks and quantization
January 2017Jan Hesse
Alessandro Valentino
The Serre automorphism via homotopy actions and the Cobordism Hypothesis for oriented manifolds
December 2016Brent Pym
Pavel Safronov
Shifted symplectic Lie algebroids
November 2016Pavel SafronovBraces and Poisson additivity
November 2016Alberto S. Cattaneo
Nima Moshayedi
Konstantin Wernli
Relational Symplectic Groupoid Quantization for Constant Poisson Structures
August 2016Alberto S. CattaneoFrom topological field theory to deformation quantization and reduction
August 2016Valerio Melani
Pavel Safronov
Derived coisotropic structures I: affine case
July 2016Jan Hesse
Christoph Schweigert
Alessandro Valentino
Frobenius algebras and homotopy fixed points of group actions on bicategories
December 2015Alberto S. Cattaneo
Pavel Mnev
Konstantin Wernli
Split Chern-Simons theory in the BV-BFV formalism
September 2015Pavel SafronovPoisson reduction as a coisotropic intersection
September 2015Jonathan Lorand
Alan Weinstein
Decomposition of (co)isotropic relations
August 2015Jonathan LorandClassifying Linear Canonical Relations
June 2015Dominic Joyce
Pavel Safronov
A Lagrangian Neighbourhood Theorem for shifted symplectic derived schemes
March 2015Domenico Fiorenza
Urs Schreiber
Alessandro Valentino
Central extensions of mapping class groups from characteristic classes
February 2015Jonathan Lorand
Alan Weinstein
(Co)isotropic Pairs in Poisson and Presymplectic Vector Spaces
November 2014Pavel SafronovSymplectic implosion and the Grothendieck-Springer resolution
September 2014Domenico Fiorenza
Alessandro Valentino
Boundary Conditions for Topological Quantum Field Theories, Anomalies and Projective Modular Functors
August 2014Jonathan Lorand
Alan Weinstein
Coisotropic Pairs
July 2014Pavel SafronovGerbal central extensions of reductive groups by $K_3$
April 2014Jürgen Fuchs
Jan Priel
Christoph Schweigert
Alessandro Valentino
On the Brauer groups of symmetries of abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
January 2014Christoph Schweigert
Christopher Tropp
Alessandro Valentino
A Serre-Swan theorem for gerbe modules on étale Lie groupoids
November 2013Pavel SafronovQuasi-Hamiltonian reduction via classical Chern-Simons theory