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  • crypto.pdf Cryptography Class WS 04/05
  • attack_CLR.txt MAGMA code for an attack on DHDP protocol over the ring E_p^(m)
  • ISD.sage SAGE code for calculating ISD complexity in Hamming and Lee metric

Slides MTNS 2022 Bayreuth

Title Speaker Slides
Fast Kötter–Nielsen–Høholdt Interpolation over Skew Polynomial Rings Hannes Bartz Link
Code-based digital signatures: state of the art and open challenges Marco Baldi Link
Matrices for Quasi-Cyclic Codes Over Extension Fields Obtained from Gröbner Basis Henry Chimal Dzul Link
Efficient Description of some Classes of Codes using Group Algebras Niklas Gassner Link
Recent Advances in Decoding General Lee Metric Codes Karan Khathuria Link
Network Decoding Against Restricted Adversaries Altan B. Kılıç Link
Genetic algorithms with permutation-based representation for computing the distance of linear codes F. Javier Lobillo Link
Towards a reduction of the public-key size of a Gabidulin codes based encryption scheme Pierre Loidreau Link
Evasive subspaces and rank-metric codes Giuseppe Marino Link
Multilayer crisscross error and erasure correction Umberto Martínez-Peñas Link
Evaluation Subspace Codes and Convolutional Codes Joachim Rosenthal Link
Flag Code Constructions via Group Actions Xaro Soler-Escrivà Link
Algebraic and geometrical aspects of cyclic subspace codes Ferdinando Zullo Link